Over the years the stories from the Bible have been challenged. Many say the stories, and yes even the Bible, is fiction. However, we are going to prove the Bible to be full of facts. The Bible, afterall, is a written testimony to our history. No matter what religion you may follow, all stories are the same.

We will begin by investigating the books of Genesis. Although we have already discovered Noah's ark and have even told the true story of Noah, we have so much more to tell. The story of Noah and the flood may seem straight forward to many, but there are a lot more information behind the story. We will not only bring this to light, but we will also investigate the truth behind Adam and Eve, the Garden of Eden, and much more.

All information on this website is true. All information is based on the true stories from the Bible. Although we may need to use other resources, we will be giving credit to those who help discover the truth.


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