Investigator: Leroy Blevins Sr.

Mr. Blevins has been in the construction field for 30 years and in that time he has experienced in the following fields: Siding installer, window and door installer,building houses from the ground up, brick layer, drywall and finisher, indoor and outdoor remodeling, paint, electrical, plumbing, roofing, gutter installer, Glass block, etc.

Over the years he has also followed the Bible and the word of God.

Hobbies: Researching the Bible, reading history books, watching Biblical documentaries, playing drums, and spending time with his family.

Mr. Blevins is a husband of 20 years and the father of 5 and investigates on the Bible to find the true stories that is told in the Bible and God's true words.

Secretary: Tracy Blevins

Associate Degree in Administrative Technology, Bachelor Degree in Business Management

Mrs. Blevins is the wife of Mr. Blevins for the last 20 years and the mother of 5.

Hobbies: Reading and writing and spending time with her family.

A little bit about Mr. and Mrs. Blevins and the job they do:

We are out not only to prove that the Bible is true history of man, but we are also out to show that the Bible is fact and not fiction. Over the years there has been researchers and scientists out to tell stories, but have not one thing to back up their findings and then go on by telling that the Bible is not true and that the stories in the Bible are words that was made up by men in the past. Now for the last 3 years Mr. Blevins has made new discoverys on the Bible and the stories from the Bible. One of the research that Mr. Blevins is trying to get out is the true story of Noah and the flood and also show real photos of the Ark he has found at rest on Mt. Ararat. Now he has been trying to get the help from other researchers and told them the story of Noah and show them the photos, but all they can say is he found rock or ice. Then they proceed to ask him for the location of this object they claim to be rock or ice. Then one day Mr. Blevins asked them if I found rock or ice then why did you ask for the location and they never talk to him again. Now looking over his research and going over the photos for months and finding out it is man made and then looking over the photos in various angels and going over the blueprints of the design of the ark told in the Bible and they was a perfect match. So Mr. Blevins try to contact news rooms and history channles try to get the word out but no luck. Then he try to put some videos on and making 5 websites on the story of Noah and the photos in the videos and on the websites to show the world that the story of Noah was true. But in turn all he got back was alot of bad feeback from people and he expect that because of researchers and scientist tell the world in TV shows and in newspapers that the story of Noah and the Ark is false and that with all the claims out there of other people claiming to have found the Ark, but they don't know the location and even others looking at a satellite photo of a rock and saying it is Noah's Ark. One man said that he has found the Ark and his evidence is a boat shape in the ground and some rocks with cross on them and they made a park out of his findings, but when you look over their findings and look over their evidence and then look over the Bible, they do not match in anyway. Now Mr. Blevins knows he will have a hard time in proving his findings because of all the others out there, but he will not give up in what he believes in and in what he has found the truth. So he is starting this Biblical investigations so he can show his findings is fact and not just stories like all the others out there are telling. So on this website you will see the investigation we do and you will see real proof and all that you will read and see is real facts and truth.

Mr. Leroy Blevins Sr.


All information on this website is owned by: Leroy and Tracy Blevins and no one can use this without a written consent.

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